Portable infrared sauna – Top 3 Picks

What is a portable infrared sauna?

Portable infrared sauna
Portable infrared sauna

A portable infrared sauna is a compact-sized sauna that uses infrared heaters, similar to a big sauna. It releases infrared light, which is experienced as healthy heat, absorbed by the surface of the user’s skin. Although both traditionally big and portable infrared saunas offer users the same benefits, the only difference is the space and the size. While big infrared saunas can accommodate more than one individual, the petite portable infrared sauna can accommodate only one person at a time. These saunas are available in different sizes according to the bathing needs of users.

Why should you choose a portable infrared sauna?

A portable infrared sauna is an ideal accessory for those who are a keen enthusiast of wellness. This kind of sauna can be installed and shifted easily anywhere in a home. Saunas that come with a handy sauna kit are the best buy, as the kit includes all components available, similar to a sauna heater. These transportable infrared saunas are also cheaper than the non-portable and bulkier ones, thus portable saunas have turned out to be well worth the buy.

In spite of the size of these portable saunas, they offer an immense sauna experience. Apart from being more personal, users get to take pleasure in a sauna experience wherever and whenever they want, as they are easily portable. Except for the size, both the portable and traditional saunas offer users the same bathing experience.

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Benefits of a portable infrared sauna

Portable infrared saunas are smaller adaptations of normal saunas, which are available for instant use and they can be stored easily. The use of these saunas is associated with countless benefits to the user. Some of these benefits include:

Compact size

The size is the primary benefit of purchasing a portable infrared sauna. Unlike other sauna types, these movable saunas can be installed and moved easily in home, according to the preferences of users. They can even easily fit in a condominium unit or in an apartment, without occupying much space.

They are available in different options

Another major benefit of acquiring a transportable infrared sauna is that it is available in varying choices and options on the market. Some of these types of saunas can hold one individual, whereas some others can hold two or three individuals or even a huge number of people, as they come in different sizes. Some of these saunas are also available with handy kits. The accessibility of product options makes these types of saunas easier for the users to choose which kind of portable sauna they want for their own home.

Affordable price

The most vital benefit of buying a moveable infrared sauna is its cost. Users can have an inexpensive sauna experience when compared to that of the one having in regular sauna centers. As users have to pay a monthly subscription for these centers, the expenses become more instead of buying a sauna set, which they can use at their home whenever they want.

Due to these beneficial reasons, countless people consider buying a portable infrared sauna than visiting public facilities to get a sauna bath.

Health benefits of a portable infrared sauna

Portable Infrared saunas are also designed to offer users a bounty of health benefits. These benefits include:

  1. A personal infrared sauna bath is ideal for those who would like to discharge their body toxins through sweating.
  2. Sauna treatment assists greatly in achieving healthy weight loss. A typical 20-minute sauna bath with 170 degrees Fahrenheit heat is capable of burning 500 calories, increasing the heart rate, and the metabolism.
  3. Having a regular sauna bath will assist users to improve the heat resistance of their body. This is particularly vital in sports, like bicycling and long distance running.
  4. A regular infrared sauna bath is capable of improving the immune system of the body.
  5. As the sebaceous glands are activated during a sauna bath, it promotes the discharge of beneficial chemicals, which can moisturize the users’ hair and keep it in good condition.

Review of three top portable infrared saunas

1. Two-Person Far Infrared Sauna, 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters from JNH Lifestyles

This Two-Person 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters Far Infrared Sauna from JNH Lifestyles is considered the top rated indoor portable infrared sauna available on the market at present. This is because it is ideal for couples who would like to bathe simultaneously, as it is designed to accommodate two people at a time. Its compact size and convenient controls make this product the most sought after sauna for daily use.

Some of its noteworthy features of this sauna include:

  • It is designed with the Forest Stewardship Council-certified green wood.
  • It includes no chemical or plywood.
  • It is designed with the dual layer Canadian Hemlock T& G wood for better insulation.

Amazon users have rated this sauna with 4.8 stars.

2. XLarge EMF/Negative Ion Free FIR Infrared Portable Sauna from Durherm

Durherm offers this indoor portable sauna with a strong compact chair. As the name suggests, it is free from electromotive force, meaning there is no negative ion or electromagnetic radiation involved. This is the most sought after portable sauna because it carries only a fraction of the cost of expensive saunas available on the market.

Some of the notable features of this sauna include:

  • It is EMF free.
  • It offers users the required pleasure and relaxation.
  • It comes with a convenient folding chair.
  • It is easy to clean, as the product comes with two malleable terry cloth washable neck collars.
  • It produces more heat and consumes less power when compared to other portable saunas available on the market.

Amazon users have rated this sauna with 4.3 stars.

3. Far Infrared Portable Sauna from idealsauna

fit-for-good-portable-far-infrared-saunaThis infrared sauna is a product of idealsauna that is designed with all beneficial features that can be found in a luxurious fixed sauna. This high-efficient sauna is available in an affordable and in a compact package. It promotes better perspiration within a shorter time, and it comes equipped with temporary automatic presets, which will offer users a precise control.

Some of the beneficial features of this sauna include:

  • It can keep users’ hands extended for interpretation.
  • It comes with a heat level controller and handheld timer.
  • The manufacturer offers this product with a durable, solid folding chair.

Amazon users have rated this sauna with 4.2 stars.


A portable infrared sauna is easy and safe to use, as it does not create any side effects. When using these saunas at home, users can eliminate the accumulated bacteria and body fluids easily and safely from their body. A personal handy infrared sauna can also offer users a more comforting experience than visiting a local spa. They are also easy to clean and maintain.